COVID-19 Secure


COVID-19 Secure: For your safety, the safety of other guests and staff it is important that you read, understand and follow the ‘COVID-19 Secure’ measures we are required to introduce.

In accordance with:

Hand sanitiser: There is hand sanitiser available in several locations throughout the B&B and in the porch entrance.  Please use the hand sanitiser in the porch before entering.  

Guest Info: We will be displaying the QR poster for you to check in with us on arrival. We also have the lead bookers name and number which we may be asked to pass on to the Gov track and trace personal.

Luggage/ early Check in: As per the new guidance we have to eliminate handling guest luggage wherever possible, we will be unable to store your luggage. Due to our Covid-19 cleaning regime and control measures rooms are taking longer to turnaround so we cannot offer early check in.

Masks/Face coverings: Guest will be required to wear masks or face coverings in corridors, stairways and other communal areas.  Once seated for breakfast these may be removed.  If you already have masks or face coverings please bring them with you.  If not, or you forget we will give you a disposable face mask upon arrival. 

Breakfast: It may not always be possible to maintain 2 meter distancing between seated guests of different households.  These seated guests will be more than 1 meter apart, facing away from each other.  We will increase ventilation in the breakfast room by opening windows and doors so it may be cooler than expected. Breakfast ordering will be carried out via txt the evening before and full details will be provided at check in. Breakfast will be served between 8-9am with guests advising an approx time they will be eating in the text the night before. Please note if too many people request the same time you may be asked to move times slightly.

Hand-washing: Hand-washing facilities for guests are only available in your ensuite bath/shower rooms.  Please wash your hands as per the Gov guidelines before leaving your rooms and first thing when entering your rooms.

Books & Magazines: There are still books and magazines available for guests use, but please keep hold of any book or magazine you have touched and leave it in your room.  After your departure we will place them in a secure container for 7 days before returning them to communal areas.

Payment: We are still accepting cash payments which you may be asked to place in a box instead of handing to us however if you would rather pay by transfer that’s fine. customers payments are handled electronically by

Check out: Our check out is at 10am. We will ask for the windows in your room to be opened, the door closed and the keys to be put in a brown bag downstairs to aid social distancing. Please DO NOT strip beds or remove any bedding, we have safe procedures to follow to prevent cross contamination.

Covid symptoms: If you begin showing symptoms before arrival please contact us, we can not admit any guest showing symptoms.  If you have booked directly there will be no cancellation fee, if you’ve booked with contact us direct and we will try to ensure doesn’t charge a cancellation fee, though we cannot guarantee this. 

If you begin to show covid symptoms during your stay guidance requires you self isolate in your room, immediately request a test and if you test positive return home and isolate.

Risk assessment and additional control measures: We have adopted extensive control measures which will be detailed in our risk assessment, signage and on our website.  The current guidance has stated that accommodation providers are responsible for communicating and enforcing the Covid-19 secure measures on their property. We face criminal charges with possible fines and imprisonment if HSE or LA find guests not adhering to the guidance.  So please understand if we remind you to wear your face coverings or use sanitiser, etc.  For our own safety and that of other guests anyone that refuses to adhere to Covid-19 secure measures or endangers others through action or inaction may be asked to leave.

If these requirements are unacceptable or you feel you cannot adhere to them for any reason we understand and respect your right to choose, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss, cancel or rearrange your booking.