I’ll include a range of comments from friends and guests that will hopefully give you a sense of what Underhill Guest House is like.

Please feel free to leave comments we really do appreciate your feedback.

12 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Really good website, well done. Really looking forward to our booking when you are fully open. And I agree with Donna that Vanessa is a superb cook!

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  2. Looking good – real nice personal touch on the room descriptions.i.e Harry Potter experience lol and the his and her breakfast menus are a brilliant idea.
    Best of luck guys

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  3. It is really refreshing to read a website when the personalities of the owners shines through! It gives you a real sense of the service and detail taken by you both. I’m intrigued by the “Teeny single with adjacent bathroom” congratulations to you both on fulfilling a dream. Tracey, Aidan and I will definitely be coming to stay.

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  4. Great website guys love the personal touches and Neil’s wit shines through !
    love the pictures you have put on so far . Love a website with lots of pictures! Can’t wait to come visit . When can we make a reservation !!

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  5. Love the tone of the website it really creates the warm, friendly,, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere you have been so keen to achieve. I think it will particularly appeal to younger explorers. The photographs are fab, Dave steals the show as always, particularly like the corner view of the house. Vanessa’s breakfasts sound amazing. The start of a new life, how exciting. Love & hugs. Xx

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